April 27, 2022

Use of the «» Website means the User's unconditional consent to this Privacy Policy and the provisions specified herein for processing and storing his/her Personal Information; in case of disagreement with these provisions, the User must refrain from using the Website «». The current version of the Privacy Policy is available at

1. Personal data may include: the unique name of the user's account on the Website «» (login/nickname required for authentication on the Website), user's e-mail, name and/or surname, date of birth, telephone number, location on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, as well as the data that is transmitted to the Website «» in the process of its use by the software installed on the User's device, including IP address, cookie identifier, information about the User's browser (or other software that accesses the Website «»), specification of the equipment and software used by the User, date and time of access to Services, addresses of requested pages and other similar information.

2. The Website «» and/or the Website Administration does not verify the reliability of Personal Information provided by the User and has no capacity to assess its relevance.

3. By registering and using the Website, the User agrees to the terms and conditions of this Policy.

If the User does not agree to the terms of this Policy, the use of the Website must be immediately ceased.

4. The User agrees that actions performed on the Website «» after the User Authentication are recognized as committed by the User personally.

5. By registering on the Website «», the User agrees to receive messages at the e-mail and/or telephone number specified during registration: announcements, notifications, alerts, advertisement.

6. By posting information (materials) on the pages of the Website «», the User grants the Website Owner a non-exclusive license to reproduce, distribute, process, translate, publicly perform, broadcast or cable, communicate to the public, publicly display it in such a way that any person can access it online from any place and at any time of his/her choice for the purposes of the Website or in connection with them, including for its popularization without subsequent payment. The Website Owner shall be entitled to make derivative works for the same purposes. By accepting the Privacy Policy, the User authorizes the Website Owner to use the information posted by the User for advertising and other marketing purposes.

7. Purposes of processing Users personal data shall include:

— User identification on the Website «»;

— personalization of the Website «»;

— communication with User, including sending notifications, inquiries and information, as well as processing inquiries and requests from the User;

— quality improvement of the Website «»;

— statistical and other studies;

8. The User may remove his/her Personal Data from the Website «» upon request to the Website Administration via However, the Website Administration may request from the User a copy of an identity document, or any other document containing additional information, that, at the discretion of the Website Administration, will be necessary and sufficient to identify such User and will exclude abuses and violations of the rights of third parties.

Personal Data and Other Information shall be stored by the Website Administration for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected or to comply with legal requirements.

9. The User agrees that his/her location and/or whereabouts data shall be used for:

— providing the User with functions based on these data (demonstration of nearby activities, creation of events, etc.);

— providing the User with personalized information on the Website «» (including mobile versions and/or apps);

— improving the quality of the Website «» (including all services related to its operation);

— statistical and other studies.