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We live in megacities. Sometimes we want to go to a movie, a bar, a concert, take a walk in the park or attend an open-air festival, but it's not always possible for our friends to keep us company. And that's a shame!

We are sure that there are many more people who would like to join us than “only our friends". A lot of people every day want to take a walk in the park, talk about current trends in the media, watch a movie, hang out at a concert or just have dinner. Next to you, there are themed parties, small musical groups perform, someone is looking for a participant for a quest, and someone can not hold a bucket of popcorn for horror. Probably, you are also looking for a company to have a great time =)!

It is for the search of the company and relevant events that we make Invitor. Every day we introduce new features and try to make the service better.

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